The LITle hub is for children of all ages to take time to discover and be inspired by stories in all their different guises.

Come and enjoy the magic of reading under the LIT gazebo in the library during the week. Then, on Saturday morning the library is home to extraordinary storytellers Jan Blake and Peter Chand (10-11am; 11am-12pm) followed by creative super hero, Marc Jackson, who’ll help you to make your own comic mini stories

On Treacle Sunday, the LITle hub moves over to St Michael’s church in Market Place, where Jan and Peter will be back to take you on a journey through tales of ‘Love & Light’ from around the world (12-1pm; 1-2pm). What happened when the creator created the sun, but forgot to create the moon? Whose love shines the brightest and how did the sun & moon get into the sky?

We also welcome Nick Hennessey, internationally acclaimed storyteller and musician who intertwines song and the spoken word with his beautiful, evocative harp playing (2-4pm). St Michael’s will also host our own LITle studio with Marc Jackson, encouraging you to create your own characters and stories in comic book form (noon-4pm). Spend Treacle Sunday afternoon with our storytellers at St Michael’s.

The LITle hub is free and welcomes children and adults of all ages.