Here and now, in the 21st-century, we need our folk tales more than ever…they have survived across time, because they are necessary tales; they are tools for living…and when they eventually deliver us home, we have a little more understanding with which to negotiate our own treacherous paths ahead.”
Elizabeth Garner

Anyone with an interest in the magic and power of folk tales, should join author and fiction editor Elizabeth Garner to discover how she takes traditional folk tales and rewrites them in a way that speaks to today’s readers and listeners. In this workshop, Elizabeth will look at how to work with traditional folk tale material to create character-driven stories which still retain the magic and mystery of the original source material – offering insights into research and story structure. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your own areas of interest and any works in progress you might have.

Elizabeth is the author of two novels: Nightdancing and The Ingenious Edgar Jones both of which were influenced by folk tale narratives and motifs.  Her collection of rewritten folk tales – Lost & Found – will be published by Unbound.  She works as a freelance fiction editor and teaches Creative Writing at Oxford University. She is also the arts trustee at The Blackden Trust – a creative and educational charity founded by her parents Alan and Griselda Garner.

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