A chat and Q&A with three authors for children

Calling all 9+ readers (and their families) who love fantasy fiction! Anna James, author of the Pages & Co series, Dominique Valente, creator of the Starfell series and Francesca Gibbons, debut author of A Clock of Stars: The Shadow Moth will be talking to us about their inspirations, how they create entirely new fantasy worlds and how and why they began writing – amongst lots of other things. You could pick up some tips! Have your questions at the ready!

Anna James is the author of the Pages & Co series about young bookwanderers who can jump in and out of the pages of books. The third book for readers aged 9-12 has just been published. Anna is a writer and journalist. She was Book News Editor at The Bookseller magazine and was Literary Editor of Elle UK. She was shortlisted for the Kim Scott Walwyn Award for Women in Publishing in 2015, and the London Book Fair Trailblazers Award in 2016.

Dominique Valente is the author of the brilliant Starfell series which follows young witch Willow Moss and her band of hotch potch friends on a series of adventures. For readers 9-12. Dominique is fairly certain she has a Benjamin Button type of disease where you grow younger the older you get, as apart from an odd blip in her twenties where she was a journalist for ten years, she came to her senses and decided to make up stories about witches and grumpy monsters instead.

Francesca Gibbons is the debut author of A Clock of Stars: The Shadow Moth an epic fantasy adventure for readers 9+. Francesca worked as a copywriter at a marketing agency before leaving to focus on her career as a children’s author. The Shadow Moth is her debut novel. It was inspired by the gardens she visited as a child, and her love of folklore and monsters. It is the first book in Clock of Stars trilogy.

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Fantasy Adventure Stories – and Me! Sun 22 Nov, 1-2pm

A chat and Q&A with three fabulous authors of fantasy fiction for 9+ year olds: Francesca Gibbons, Anna James & Dominique Valente tell us about themselves and their stories. Grab your chance to ask the authors a question! For all the family.